Drone Photography :: 471 Webb Road

Drone Photography :: 471 Webb Road

This is the sec­ond time that I’ve pho­tographed this beau­ti­ful horse farm.  The first shoot was dur­ing the peak of the fall colours and the pho­tos were cap­tured from our air­plane.  For this sec­ond shoot, the owner wanted to cap­ture pho­tos of the prop­erty dur­ing the sum­mer months when every­thing is green.  This time the images were cap­tured by the drone, which did a great job of repli­cat­ing the wide aer­ial shots that had been pre­vi­ous cap­tured as well as pro­vid­ing some more inti­mate shots from closer van­tage points that would have been impos­si­ble from the plane.  Here are few sam­ples from that shoot.

Here’s a link to more pho­tographs of another horse farm that we recently cap­tured with the drone.

417 Webb 1


417 Webb 2


417 Webb 3


417 Webb 4


417 Webb 6


417 Webb 7


417 Webb 8

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