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Drone photo, aerial image of a real estate listing

Experienced Drone Photographer

Known by serveral names, UAVs, RC helicopters, multirotors, a drone is a small remote controlled vehicle equipped with a camera. With its incredible versatility and ability capture photos from places that were never before possible, drone photography is capable of delivering a huge variety of aerial images, making it the most popular service we offer.

We are proud to have been one of the first drone photographers in Canada and continue to take pride in every picture we produce. Perfect for large or small properties, cottages, homes, businesses and real estate listings. Contact us today to get our drone photography service working for you.

Aerial Drone Photo

Professional Results

Each drone picture we capture goes through an extensive photo editing process to ensure they look their absolute best. We offer expedited turnaround times when necessary and provide all of our images in high resolution format via electronic transfer. For real estate photography shoots, we also provide a second set of MLS-ready images at no extra charge.

Please contact us for a quote or to get our drone photographer working for you.

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